About Us

A shelter with the roof of stars, a timeline full of experiences, a door to heaven, roads less travelled, and all that you could think of, that’s what we deliver.
Desperate Traveller private ltd is a company that has been and offline and online travel support and when said online, we come to Trip planner, Metasearch engines across India, the Middle East, and the Far East. Within the span of 4 years, we initially started with blogging and then moved to an Offline TA. 500+ offline clients with Individual trips (FITs), Group adventure trips, Curated luxury experiences and 4 successful events have left a mark of trust in the traveler's community.
The cause, or maybe our mission is to help travellers with their trip planning and solving the problems starting from A to Z of travel. And we keep a vision of becoming an OTA with the "All under one roof" concept which should solve the traveller's problems like anything and not just the travellers, we wanted to give as much as business we can for the offline tour guides, offline travel agencies around, local sherpas, hidden properties, and to turn the world upside down for the people who are a part of the travel business around the globe and are losses or are at the break-even.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that gives a worry-free journey and the best out of the little time taken out of your busy schedules, a platform that can help you with anything and everything while travelling. And cross helping each other for the betterment of the travel experiences and to make this world a happy place.

Our Mission

  • We motivate people to travel.
  • We liaise with different concepts of travelling and work out the best out of it to deliver.
  • We help vendors as much as we help our customers.
  • We believe we have a cause to cater to with the above statement as said.
  • We believe in delivering all in one roof assistance to anyone and everyone and whether offline and online.

Our Timeline


We were exploring roads.


We thought blogging could be it and created a blogging community.


We realized the potential and took bigger steps.


We started a travel community and it went bigger and bigger.


We started helping people with trip planning and took groups to places.


We thought technology can help people a lot more and so we acknowledged a little techie version of ours!

Present and future

With our regular missions and current vision, we are on our way forward to explore more areas of travel and technology.

Our Team

We are not IITans, we are not from IIM too, and we are not influencers too. We are so much regular people with experiences in life who thought to help people to travel with their busy schedules.

Karandeep Singh

A focussed traveller, explorer and a nomad seeking out the meaning of life while travelling and finding the best out of travel to achieve inner peace.

Jafar Naqvi

A 9-6 geek, someone who loves to travel but compelled not to, too much. Someone who with his ideas and innovation wish to induce technology and create platforms for the sake of the betterment.

Reach out to us on connect@desperatetraveller.com.