4 Reasons why you should take this houseboat experience in Kerela


We all travel for experiences and we all live for experiences and we are working day in and out to curate as much as experiences that we can offer you and one of it that we can offer is a houseboat which is a must do if you’re taking a trip to Kerela. Now, this must not be that convincing right? So we thought to gather more details for you and make it more convincing for you to book and experience this right away. 


  1. Houseboats give you that wobbling and fun experience of travel: Well staying on a boat, this sentence is enough to explain the thrill, peace and excitement altogether. If you’re still making your bucket list, please add this to it and feel it.


  2. Enjoying your breakfast or dinner on a houseboat is a must with the view of the backwaters. We know concepts of work with a view, work on a beach, how about breakfast or dinner with a view of the river surrounded by coconut trees.


  3. It allows you great sightseeing. Let it be plantations, falls or whatever comes your way. Staying back in that area can make you woooo around those sightseeings and it is not just worth missing.

  4. It’s a blessing for culture lovers or honeymooners. Are you the one who is on an exploring trip to the country or are you a newly wedded couple who are travelling for your honeymoon, trust us, a houseboat caters to all of you!

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There can be more reasons but trust us with the above, we are sure that you so want to book your stay right away!


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