5 Major reasons why you should visit Khardung La Pass on a Royal Enflied!

author image Deepika Sharma

The highest motorable road in the world, Khardunga Pass at close to 19000 feet above sea level gives you all the great reasons to visit it on your Royal Enfield, and indeed, once a Royal Enfield fan remains always a Royal Enfield Fan. Well, let us know in the comment section if you agree to it. Feel good and feel thrilled once you’re into it. But let us now give you some reasons to ensure that you attempt it once

1. Do it for yourself, imagine driving your 350 or 500 cc at the highest motorable road in the world. Around 40 kms away from Leh and a passage to the Nubra Vallery of Leh Ladakh, it is consdiered to be a road meant for biking expereince. However, you will not have to offroad a lot here. 


2. If not for yourself, do it for your Instagram stories or your Youtube vlog, well people would like to have more and more information on it. Well, a lot of people have started their vlogging or travel influencing careers with Leh Ladakh and they're big today. Trust us, giving it a shot and making it in your own creative way with the backgroung that you see below, it'll be fun and can become big too! 



3. The vibe is different at the K-TOP and you feel different and out of this world. Trust us when we say it, we've been there and to feel at the top of the world is a differnet feeling, isn't it? Well tell us in the comments if you've crossed this pass already and we would like to hear up your interesting stories of crossing this pass and we'll reply and share our's too. 


4. Move towards Nubra valley from K-TOP and witness the views out of this world and meet as much as locals that you can while going in. This is a place which you can't peace, a perfect river side, a great road and an amazing terrain with the rough deserted mountains with some warm hearted locals will give you the right feel and ensure that your trip to Leh Ladakh is a success. 



5. Spend good time at the K-TOP with the sun shining bright, feel good but don’t spend more than 15-20 mins if you’re altitude sick. And sun sometimes doesn't shine too bright at K-TOP but trust us the vibe will match your's but yes, we generally ask people to stay back, click pictures, and move on with memories as staying back for longer time can cause altitude sickness and then our whole day might get ruined and it takes time to fix. So yeah, climatize well, be good and enjoy to the fullest.



So, good reasons to visit the K-TOP right, don’t forget to carry sunglasses, oxygen set-up if required and check your bikes before going in for the ride. Trust us, this is one memorable ride for your round trip conversations with friends.

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