5 Things that you must know about Pushkar


When it comes to Rajasthan, it is our favourite indeed with a lot to offer in it and if we talk about Pushkar, it is soulful, pure and very peaceful, so have you ever been to Pushkar? Tell us in the comments section below. 


Now we thought to give light to a couple of facts related to Pushkar which are a must know. Here we go! 


  1. Pushkar is a holy city with the only Brahma Temple in the whole world. And that makes Pushkar a must visit place, imagine visiting the only temple in the world for a lord, does that give you goosebumps? 

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  1. You get to see a magnificent view of the Pushkar City from Savitri Devi Temple. Climbing 200 stairs up way for this view or the ropeway tram, both are worth it and worth experiencing. You just can’t miss this.


  1. Pushkar got the most famous Rabri-Malpua: If you’re a food lover, and if we can categorize you for a dessert lover, you just can’t miss the malpuas made out of Rabri in Pushkar main market, try it out and you’ll love it. 

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  1. Pushkar is more than welcoming to everyone and their hospitality is the best. With all their arms wide open, Pushkar comes in with the most beautiful and warm people and they’ll welcome you like anything. This experience is blissful. 


  1. Pushkar is way too cheap for a budget traveller and peaceful in it’s own. And if you’re seeking accommodation, good food or anything, Pushkar is way too cheap for everyone and we mustn't say this, you should go and experience it yourself. 

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Still giving it a thought? Come on, its time to book it up and visit this amazing city right away. 

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