Are you seeking a fam trip, find out how to win one?


What is fam trip: Fam here is the short form of familiarization trip, which is done to review the product, to reveal the fixes, to make relations or sometimes, just to ensure that you get perks of what you have done. For example, you are a travel agent and you have sold 100+ nights of a luxury hotel and that hotel offers you a 3-night free stay for your top seller. There are multiple scenarios of a fam trip which you will real below. 

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How to win fam trip: Fam trips are being availed by travel management experts, owner of the travel companies, to sellers of the companies and lately, we have a new addition to the family, which is a customer, yes you, we are talking about the one who is reading this.


Yes, you can now avail a fam trip if you shop with www.desperatetraveller.com, for example there are multiple scenarios to quote if you are in terms with us and about to win a fam trip for your friends and family. 


  • Imagine you are one of our lucky customers, you get a free trip while you are browsing our website, does that excite you?

  • Imagine you buy a Maldives trip for your family and what you get is, a fam trip in Manali for free, is that interesting?

  • Imagine, you’ve taken part in some of our contests or giveaways and you won, you get a option avail a fam trip.

  • Imagine you are a loyal customer of a particular hotel and that hotel knows you and us and offers us to give you and your family a free night stay. This is the best feeling, we know. 

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Benefits of fam trip: Let us talk about some benefits of these fam trips and what do you get from these and how is the most important question here, so that you’ve the ins and outs to avail one within 2021. So, here are 4 perks of availing a fam trip. 


  • If you are availing a fam trip via Desperate Traveller, please be assured that you are a part of our family and our vendor’s family too. We love you already.

  • You get to travel free at least once in a year if you have travelled with us more than 5 times in last year, you know we believe that the money a customer is investing for travel should be considered as an investment, not an expense and you get beautiful returns when the time comes.

  • While travelling, we curate the fam packages as the best of ours and that offers you a lot of perks. Okay, lets talk in examples, it is just not the stay in Corbett, you get a Jungle Safari complimentary plus and upgrade to a hotel with a private pool too. Interesting, eh?

  • Fam Trips makes you content active and it gives something or the other in return and you become an indirect promoter of our brand which can someday or the other, can help you to make money. Well, count it in as another mode of making money while you travel for free.

Are you up for a Fam trip, our giveaway is coming soon for you all and you can get a chance to win 2 Nights free at Patlidun Safari Lodge in Corbett, it’s one of the luxurious hotels in Corbett. Tell us about your excitement in the comments section. 

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