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There are multiple new concepts of travelling being built in the last few years. For example, luxury hotels, igloos, cruise ships and what not. Many people are following up on eco-tourism and many are following up on sustainable tourism. And with it, here comes homestays.

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What are Homestays? Some local home owned by a local resident or an alien in mountains or anywhere who welcomes tourists and tell him/her about the culture and ensures that they follow it during their stay is a homestay and it is a new concept of travelling which is being followed by people for multiple reasons, it is to boost up local tourism, rotation of revenue and promoting the local culture across India.

People are preferring homestays over resorts these days and it helps them a lot to connect with people and we should tell you four reasons that you should prefer a homestay instead of a hotel.

  • Hotels gives you the view, but homestays give you the vibe.
  • Hotels tells you about the culture, but homestays explain and let you experience the culture.
  • You connect with business in hotels, and you connect with the locals in homestays.
  • You live, explore well while staying in hotels and you make friends and explore together while you stay in a homestay.

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Why you start a homestay in hills? To contribute to the tourism and for your own good, we recommend you make a homestay of your own or get local with that area or if not, connect with a local and build one. Well, let us quote a few things that might help you to understand to know how, you are always welcome to reach out to us for assistance. Here are some major reasons that you should prefer making a homestay.

  • It is a second home for you: You are just not making a homestay; you are making another home for you that ensures that you come around for vacations or may be to settle soon once you are done with the cities.
  • It can help you with your additional earning: For long stays, at post-pandemic time and post following this work from home culture, it can help you to get an additional source of income and all you need is liaisons for your lucrative stay for the people that you are making.
  • You become a part of the local: A dream come true wherein you explore locals, live local and be a part of them while you host your favorite guests aboard and share your favorite round table story while you listen to theirs over a few beers.
  • Opens various options for you: You can connect with locals and sell local of that area to people, and moreover you can open organic plantations, a small café, a small library, some artistic gallery and what not in that homestay. It helps you to make various sources of income and help in rotating the money in local tourism.
  • Travel Industry needs a hit and rotation: Post pandemic, if some industry had suffered the most, its travel industry and if you are a Techie or someone similar, try opening this homestay which can help the government in rotating money for local and you are contributing to your country’s economy and serving it.


What are you thinking now? We hope you must have made the land and interior plans already. Need our help, tell in the comments, and drop details and we will help you construct your dream homestay.

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