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You are reading a travel blog! And you really liked their stuff for travelling round the globe and all! But suddenly you ask yourself a question! As to why one should travel? Let us give you the answer! Traveling is not about fun, adventure, enjoyment alone! It’s not about going to a place with your family or friends and coming back with travel memories and lots of cool pictures simply! But traveling is more than that! It’s a way to explore your inner self! To radiate your inner positive vibes which remain hidden due to numerous life problems. To become a better self than before! Travelling to some place for the first time and seeing your body, mind and soul adjust with the surroundings effortlessly! Don’t you think it will make you a well to do person?! Traveling connects you with the whole world and makes you realize how tiny we are, as humans in this vast universe! To believe in this idea you can read this quote by Saint Augustine “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” This quote is inspiring in itself. It genuinely defines the need to travel and defines the urge in ourselves for travelling. The different states and countries are the different pages of a book created by God! And if you want to see the multitude of His creations, travel the places with nature! It will leave you spellbound! If you have an adventure freak in you! Go for some thunder striking adventurous visits! If you want to find solace while you travel! There are many parts of the world which offer you harmonious travel experiences! This whole earth has a magnificent amount of surprises to offer to us! It has a great score of everything! All it needs is exploring eyes and an absorbable heart which can capture its beauty, adversity and diversity! Because an ancient travel writer Ibn Battuta defined travelling as something which leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. So why not challenge yourself to a numinous vacation to overcome your compulsion and bring out the desperate traveler in you!!

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