An insight of all the five stars and budget hotel in Delhi.


Delhi, a city in its own and the capital of the country, is a bliss when it comes to accommodation experiences. Let is be the 5 star hotels in Delhi or the Budget hotels in Delhi, you will experience it all. From the beginning, to the end, we got you covered.

Divided in four five major parts, east, west, north, south and central, we got your back with all the five star hotel deals as well as the budget hotels in Delhi. Central Delhi & South, being the hub of the parties and luxury, we have 5 beautiful properties which comes under budget hotel in Delhi and five star hotel deals too.

Taj Mansigh Hotel: With the luxurious site map and with such a smooth location with access to almost everything in Delhi, this could be your perfect luxury getaway for an amazing weekend. This five star hotel deal will cost you approx. INR 8000 per night for a nice comfortable experience. A must try in the center of Delhi which you can brag about on a round table conversation.

Category: Luxury

Location: Mansigh Road, Delhi

Budget: INR 8000 – INR 9000

ITC Maurya, Delhi: ITC being an oldest luxurious chain in Delhi have got a lot to offer to you for your perfect evening. With it’s famous Bukhara Resturant and a lot of other unbelievable amenities, it makes it one of the best 5 star hotels in Delhi. The base room with good amenities and features will cost you approx INR 5,000 for this five star hotel deal and we know you’ll love it. 

Category: Luxury

Location: Sardar Patel Marg

Budget: INR 5000 – INR 6000.

Ajanta Hotel: A budget hotel in Delhi known for its great ambience with unbelievable price and unbeatable location, this could be your comfort zone if you are a bagpacker. Personally, our heart has been stuck here for ages if we follow the protocols of a budget travel and this deal for a great budget hotel in Delhi will cost you around INR 800-1000 per night.

Category: Budget

Location: Arakashan Road

Budget: INR 800-INR 1000. 

Zostel, Delhi: With great content, great peeps and cool amenities and design inside, this property of Zostel chain is a great budget hotel in Delhi. With its deal starting from INR 900 per night, you will enjoy some time making friends here and fall in love with the place and the vibe.

Category: Budget

Location: Arakashan Road

Budget: INR 900

D Pavillion, Delhi: A beautiful boutique and a budget hotel in Delhi suitable for your comfort needs and the little things that you need to enjoy in life. With an ambience, a great vibe and soothing stay, this will cost you approx. INR 1500 per night. A must fall in love place to experience, and a worth staying property. 

Category: Budget

Location: Mahipalpur

Budget: INR 1500 – INR 1600



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