5 ways to know that you have become a successful digital nomad


When we say digital nomad, what comes to your mind? Well to explain our perspective better, lets try breaking it down, digital is someone who is involved with technology and nomad is someone who keeps roaming around. Now, if we connect these two, what we get it someone who is technical and is roaming around. Or someone who works for technology and keeps roaming around or keeps travelling may be. 


At the time of this 21st century, when everyone is working for internet companies, we all are connected to the internet world and post pandemic, we all are working from home, now home was a little cliché after 6 or 8 months of sitting back, so we stated on the nomad part and loved becoming one by taking our technologies here and there and amidst making money. With it.


Situation before this pandemic was different, we had multiple floor offices and a lot of similar resources to work at but now things have changed, we are either at home or measuring kilometers on roads by giving 8 or 9 productive hours to work. Our destinations are changing every day, and we are on the run to mountains, to beaches or to the places that we have not explored yet. 

We are choosing new concepts of travelling, so why not becoming a digital nomad and prefer long stays at the mountains or follow itineraries that gives us workspace and keeps us on the move. Let us say, what would you prefer from the below?


  1. A long stay cottage on rent in the mountains of Uttarakhand for 30 days. Or, 

  2. May be 4 hours of travelling everyday and each Delhi to Rameswaram in 30 days by staying at 20 different spots


No worries, both makes you a nomad but there are signs you get when you realize that you’re finally a digital nomad. And here we are explaining 5 sings that will help you to discover that you have become the digital nomad of his era, this era of technology, this era of travel.


  • Every other day, you’ve this urges to explore new places, you feel the urge to change spots, change hotels or to go to new places. And you have already explored more than 5 places in a span of 3 months or might have been on the move to multiple places within a short span, whichever comes to your category 😉.

  • You have a nice company laptop, you’ve a good mobile with a nice internet, you’ve data cards, and in addition to own, you own a car or your personal set-up to explore places and take rest anywhere you feel like. More than this, you carry your gadgets and equipment’s with you to shoot and record and moreover you love the nomad-work balance in your life, like working till Friday and shooting some aerial shots on Saturday while hiking to Dayara Bugyal, do you feel it?  Tell us in the comments.

  • Your boss understands your urges to travel and gives you the work accordingly or you were good enough to convince your boss about your passion while you follow the lead to make your business grow, you have less meetings which require a formal attire or you change your meeting background set-ups from snow to beaches for your weekly reviews, you know here that you are a digital nomad.

  • You are not alone in this set-up, sometimes you are with companions who justify the above 3 points really well and your mindsets matches a lot together or they help you find the errors for your codes and with the hike trail too.

  • You know you are a digital nomad when you visit www.desperatetraveller.com quite often and find our luxury, homestays and similar deals for your next workcation or work from hills/beaches, also you know the discount hacks with us and avail maximum discounts on your stays. 


So, are you a digital nomad? Do these pointers justify you? Do tell us your views in the comments.


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