Best Places To Travel once Corona Ends!


Whenever travel used to hit our minds, we felt like sharing the plans with everyone, making itineraries, proceeding with our reverse calculations to ensure that we are happy and rejuvenated all the time. While travelling out to places, we’ve taken n number of flights, felt free, happily proceeded to the check-in or the immigration counters, boarded our favorite cabs, took our favorite rides and enjoyed it to the most with our own carefree attitude.

But post COVID-19, the future has been changed. Corona virus has created a huge impact on the world with no going back until and unless a permanent solution is out to ensure the return of “carefree” stuff. And most probably, to come back to a place which is not normal but somewhat close to normal, it might take years for us, but we will not waste that time of our life by not travelling. Rather, we will find the fix for it and define a new future of travel which might be different but help to satisfy our desire to travel.

The future of travel will be moving our way ahead with the COVID-19 impact and be cautious about it. You might miss the carefree attitude that you have kept so far. But let us introduce a few highlights to travel in future.

  1. Try and avoid taking public rides as much as you can. And if you must, ensure that you are socially distant.

  2. Have tried a drive to your favorite hill station and picked a luxury hotel that is isolated. To ensure that we keep your happiness, we’ve some options for you. Check out our hotel section 😊

  3. If you do not want to drive, booking a chauffeur and having your privacy with your loved one will be good idea instead of sharing your ride with 30 more people 😉

  4. Pick destinations which are unexplored, unique, and isolated. Well if you are still searching for it, we have sorted your problem, do check out YouTube video below 😉




We have been asked for social distancing and moreover, the impact will be high even after the virus ends! And we know that we can stop travelling. Our team researched and found out the best places along with the relevant activity that you should do! Watch the video and let us know your favorite in the comment section below.

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