Careers to consider if you love travelling


Are you a traveller, put your hands on these careers to fulfil your soul!

Do what you love and love what you do, this phrase is something that we have been coming across since ages, but it seems like, we all are motivated enough to travel and have been travelling a lot with friends, family or some have done solos too. But imagine a life wherein you get paid for what you love, wherein you clear your things, and your travel expenses are being taken care of. 

Desperate Traveller is bringing you all the career opportunities which you can prefer, or switch if you are pretty much ahead in live and for help in your switchovers, you can always reach out to us, we will be more than happy to assist you and sometimes offer you something that can help you out to switch. 

Here are some of the career options below that you should pick if the travel inside you is craving to explore more and more of this beautiful world. 


  1. Travel Writer: This option is being preferred by many of you. Starting about your travel, start giving information, start sharing what people love to read and soon, you will have your audience and moreover sponsors who will make you travel the world, just to write about it and share the information that can help them making business. It is easy to start with, but you have to be consistent and make the right content to be shared with people.

  2. Tour Guide: Work for a company that makes people travel and while they travel, you tag along with them and explain how beautiful is the place they’re going to explore, keep telling them about the history of places and let us know how beautiful this world is and you get paid well when the next time those travellers demand for you for a new destination, with this job, all you have to do is, research well and make space in your client’s heart, you know what we mean right? 😉

  3. Photographer: Are you someone who love taking pictures, or your pictures can motivate people to travel to see it themselves, are you a storyteller with your pictures only? Well, there are companies who are hiring people with this passion, get it, find one, start travelling and make money amidst.

  4. Event Coordinator: While the companies set up meet and greet in Hongkong or a concert in Monaco, you become the one expert who can manage it well and trust us, sky is the limit here to explore, trave, feel big and make money out of it. Plus, you can get a chance to meet your favorite artist someday and brag it over your Instagram account.

  5. Flight Attendant: Serve the people, count the kilometers, travel the world, and be groomed, there is no glamorous job that this job. When you land at some airport, people look at you with a shine in the eye and you get to see the Pyramid of Giza or Eiffel Tower and get paid for it. How many of you are either attendants or preparing to become one? Tell us in the comments section.

  6. Working on a Cruise ship: Cruise can take you to multiple places and you get to see a lot of oceans, ocean banks and multiple cities across the world. Working on a cruise ship is different and nice and if you are not ocean-sick, this is one of the best jobs for you.

  7. Archaeologist: Oh, dear history, you find one, you reveal one, live in deep thoughts and past, residues and find traces of new things across, well does that attract you? To add on, you will be magazines and newspapers, right? Yes, it is lucrative and indeed, a good one to pick.

  8. Sales/Marketing/Public Relations: So, nothing from the above and are you a corporate geek? Then wear a suit, board a business class, crack the meeting and explore the Red Square in Moscow or multiple similar places, this makes you sophisticated, classy, and brainy indeed. 

So, have you picked yours? And what is it? Tell us in the comments section.

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