Cinema loves to tour, but a recent trend stated that they love travelling more!


You are watching a movie, and the main leads are romancing in a landscape with snow covered mountains, lush green land and magnificent river flowing aside! or you are watching one with the leads as travel freaks and going out on an adventure trip which changes their whole life for good! And then your mind is struck with a thought that why are you not there? Ever thought of it? Don’t say NO! It has happened to all of us!! Because the cinema and travel go hand in hand! They are incomplete without each other. Movies are such a thing which reminds us of who we are? And most of the time they inspire us to travel! Those bolly-hits have made it almost irresistible to start love travelling and to explore different locations on this earth. Like you must have watched Dil chahta hai? Was it even possible without those goan forts and beaches!? Or the unforgettable affair of the legendary actor Shammi Kapoor with Kashmir is truly a tribute to Indian Tourism. Songs like ‘Yahoo’ in which he slides down the snow-capped mountains or ‘Yeh chaand sa roshan chehra’ in which he tries to woo Sharmila Tagore while they are riding on shikaras on Dal Lake. And if you haven’t seen that! Then you could remember the song ‘Socho ke jheelon ka Sheher Ho’ from Mission Kashmir. The film makers dramatically capture our country’s hustle and bustle in movies such as delhi-6, Rang De Basanti, Band Baja Barat and leave you with a desire to live those moments in your life! Those chic-flicks with music numbers presenting fests and culture of a place are enough to woo us and to force us to be a part of them in real life! It’s not about Kashmir or goa or Delhi specifically! You watch any of the movies, there’s something or the other which will make your head swing and make you think that ‘why am I not there’?


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