Ever been a Story teller? We'll tell you how to be one!


Do you ever imagine yourself to be a traveler but are compelled with life and issues? If you think travelling is not that “easy kind” of thing then you must read these travel tales and all that courage and determinism that goes into bringing up these travel tales. Travelling, as we all know, requires a certain momentum in life, it’s not like you made up your mind and got out of your way. It could be for those who travel passionately! But some people after spending their life in a monotonous manner get wrecked up and need a hint of motivation to bring out that ‘desperate traveler’ in them. And that’s what for we are here people! We would tell you all those travel tales that you could connect with, tales from people who are at the same life platform as you, but immensely love travelling and will show you how important it is to make way for your dreams. The dreams of seeing the world, packing your bag with that exciting feeling in your gut, waking up in an entirely different atmosphere, meeting different people around the world, walking and exploring things and places till you are hell tired, and finally coming back and looking at your pictures of that expedition and smiling, smiling in a manner that would be better than the smile when you‘ll read all the tales of those people who have lived them! Because looking at the pics, reading about them and living those moments will be a whole different thing altogether! Hope these tales will inspire you so much that you’ll not mind reading them till the end and you’ll start planning your next trip!

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