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Someone said that both the journey and destination matters when you’re a traveller and it really helps to give the importance to both of them. And we won’t give you a number but significantly, we’ll advise that accommodation plays a very crucial role in your holiday. Well, you don’t have to worry when we are there to help you with the best of the best properties to make your stay memorable and we are the people of new era of accommodations

Snowpod, Chopta

Now, when we say a new era of accommodation, we mean the new concepts and design on which people are working hard to ensure that there’s an experience while you sleep, there’s an experience when you go for your breakfast. Taking examples for us is the most important thing, so we would rather ask some questions from you and you’ll know where we are coming from. 


  1. So have you ever had a floating breakfast in an infinity pool?

  2. Have you ever had a sea aquarium on the ceiling while you sleep peacefully on the bed? 

  3. Have you ever tried staying back in an Igloo or a Snowpod

  4. Have you stayed back in a 200 years old property?


Well, you can answer the questions in the comments or check the below link for the DT Assured accommodations wherein we help you with the best of the best properties and handpick them for your craving of uniqueness and the solace for your travelling soul! 


Now, if we are talking about experiences, lets pick our favourite one - Snowpod.


Snowpod is an amazing concept which is designed as an Igloo at the top of the mountains and with a window as huge as a combination of height and width of 2 floors of a normal bungalow, so that was about the window and imagine the whole concept with the flooring, ceiling and majority made of nice wood and some great texture and most importantly a great vibe. Snowpod gives you all the peace that you need to write your favourite book, read your favourite page, listen to the best music or a lot of other things. And this is one of the rate accommodation styles which allow a group of 5 people to stay in 1 Igloo with 2 floors in it.


Isn’t it awesome? Book Snowpod now at the below link. 

Snowpod, Chopta

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