Expose yourself to this world to be a better human being!


Travelling-a word that makes you think about all sorts of comfy hotel beds, spas, seeing beautiful landscapes or else some adventurous rides and sports! But have you associated travelling it with something like seeing poor or rather underdeveloped living conditions of people around the world? Or the painful and pathetic conditions of the kids? Or adapting yourself to the surrounding environment? Doesn’t it help us to understand ourselves better from our new perspective? When you’ll see the happy faces of those kids in slums and areas that are inaccessible when they’ll see a camera in your hand or an i-pad? That priceless smile will teach you more humanitarian lessons than all the books together! When you’ll see the underprivileged people more contented with their lives, you may realize the worth of your own life! And may become more contented with it! When you’ll visit the areas and regions with less facilities and harsh climates, then you’ll realize the true sense of comfort and happiness! And I am sure that travelling with such goals will make you a better human being! At last we want to tell you that- Don’t do it for vacation. Don’t do it for luxury. Don’t do it to take pictures for your Instagram account. Do it because it will make you a better person.

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