Five ways how travel keeps you away from “IT” (Depression)


We generally title it as “it” but there is no harm in calling it depression. Depression is just another disease wherein, a sick mental health which is okay and you don’t need to get shy about it. There is nothing wrong with thinking that way. 


We recommend travel, experts recommend travel and trust us it helps a lot and makes you feel better. Out of my experience, let me give you 5 ways, how travel can cure your ill mental health. 


  1. You realise the worth of your life. 

  2. Selfish act but you meet people and know their life and achieve that level of gratitude where you feel better. 

  3. It makes us realize that we are a very small part of the universe and it is too big but not our problems, solutions are almost everywhere. 

  4. While we travel, we get to meet our strengths, skills and weaknesses and we are able to self-analyze ourselves. 

  5. While we travel, we try out new things of our life which with our daily routine is not worth trying or depressing sometimes. 


So, trust us when say it, travel indeed cure it and you’ll be proud of becoming a traveller, an explorer and moreover one day, you’ll be a storyteller or no doubt, a mentor. Good Luck! 

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