Four Reasons that you should take a room with a Plunge pool


Booking a room in any hotel is easy but the art behind is difficult, the artists knows how difficult it is to find a room of his/her choice at a very cheap price and trust us when we say it, we’ve been the artists ourselves for quite sometime now and we’ve been doing all the art on “Desperatetraveller/accomodations'' for y’all and you can find the best under “DT-Assured”. Now, the trend these days is to have everything private, and hence a private pool is the best to take in. Now here are some reasons why you should take it! 

Evolve Back, Coorg

  1. Not all pools give you a view but most of them do. Well, if we talk about Paatlidun Safari Lodge, it gives you a view + a private pool and what not and trust us there are many other similar hotels. To book this property, check it out here - Paatlidun Safari Lodge

    Paatlidun Safari Lodge, Corbett

  2. If you’re a swimmer, your morning routine will never be disturbed. And your fitness will remain as it is on your work trips or may be a work from the mountain or work from the beach trip. Trust us, it is indeed the best way to wake up.

  3. Are you a couple on a honeymoon, this is the best choice for you, and those who are seeking some romantic or cute moments with their partners, this gives you the freedom to live the way you want to!

    Tree of Life, Jaipur

  4. Group of friends, seeking your own peace, why not a private pool party? And we all love parties. Infact, we can’t live without parties. So yeah, lets try different versions of it and a pool party will do for everyone around. Try it out right now! :) 


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