How to become an Instagram content creator and get paid for your job?


For more than a decade now, social media is indeed one of the biggest platforms across the world and have been creating a lot of employment too in its own world. And in the world of travel, it has done wonders by promoting content creators. These big names such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, there are multiple content on it that are being curated and indeed great to watch. 

Travel and social is a great combo, it is that one round table conference with your friends or cousins which lets you tell a lot of stories with your pictures and your caption on it. Let us say, you are posting a picture at the “Cape of Good Hope” and telling it is the last point of the continent and your friends feel amazed that you did it. This is a great feeling indeed. 

Now the time comes when we just not keep this virtual conference restricted to our cousins or friends, lets expand it to the world and become that content creator and give such information that helps your viewers to travel or to feel motivated to do so. Not everybody is good at telling stories but if you are and you know your audience well, you can become the one who can rule the online media with your content. 


But the reason comes that why should you become a content creator and how does this benefit you? So, let us hear it, here are four reasons that you should pick this option. 


  • It is a whole career in its own and helps you to make money. 

  • You become an inspiration to the people for what you do and what you do good. 

  • There are companies hiring travel influencers and you can get paid while you travel.

  • Creating something or to be specific, content, fulfil our souls because when you see the hard work on the screen for the shots you have taken while standing in -2 degrees in snow, you feel powered and overwhelmed both at the same time. 

Now, just being a content creator is not enough, you need to pursue the characteristics of a good content creator which is not that difficult and all you have to do is follow the below advises.

  • Always believe in telling stories: So, while you post, just not post for the sake of posting, post for the sake of connecting, post for the sake of story telling and post for the sake motivating your viewer who is sitting in a dark room and trying to find the ray of light. 

  • Create what satisfies you: While you write, click, or make videos and if the content you created is not making you happy, trust us, it cannot make anybody happy either. You need to believe in your own content first and know your struggles behind it to make it work with your viewers. 

  • Always respect your audience: A few influencers who won our heart was their responsiveness to their fans even after such a huge following. Rule number 3, the more you connect and connect nicely, the more you win and the more you are loved by your audience.

  • Know what they want and connect it with what you want: Always post a balanced structure, if you want to show them what you want, they might not engage and if you just post what they want, you might lose interest and the feel of posting too. Always balance your posts and engagement to the state of what they want with what you want and trust us, you are going to make it big.  

  • Structure your posts: While you tell people about your trek, add a good balanced structure to it, you video might tell you the information about great places to eat in Goa but it should tell them your excitement to wait for your favorite fish in that specific restaurant will make you connect with them and somewhere in life, once they are in the same restaurant and order to same fish, they can connect with you very well and will always remember you and your content, and that’s how we make families, we connect and we love. 

So, are you motivated enough to do you first gig? Or to post your first content. Well come here, let us tell you a secret, we are secretly looking for good content creators too? Are you one of them? Tell us in the comments section.

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