How to ensure safety and hygiene on a post COVID travel


Travelling is a mandatory requirement for anyone and everyone. Indeed it keeps you fresh and rejuvenated throughout. And this was a time of the year from March till July wherein the whole world was locked down and we were in a sad situation wherein we were not able to travel.


And as soon as tourism opened their ways to everyone but with conditions, we have to follow a couple of responsibilities too as listed below. So, whenever we travel, please ensure that we follow all these guidelines before anything. 


  • Always wear a mask - A mask keeps you safe, healthy and protects you from different viruses around the air and it reduces the risk of virus up to a mark of 60%. Indeed a good choice to pick, try not to avoid it.

Photo by ismail mohamed - SoviLe on Unsplash

  • Keep a Sanitizer and use it every hour or post touching anything - Well, they said it right, that touch something that you solely trust, well yeah we are not trying to crack a joke here. While on a trip, if you think you came in contact with a random gate, unknown spot or may be your car door, please sanitize before you make any other human contact. It reduces the risk both ways.
  • Maintain Social Distancing - It is indeed good to meet new people while you travel but the time now is to ensure distance and do friendships. Lets keep a 6 feet distance and stay safe. 

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

  • Pick Safe and sanitized hotels - Well we do notify in hotel’s description about a hotel being safe and sanitized and we recommend you to pick that for your and your loved one’s safety. 

We ensure to make your travel safe and secure and if you follow the above pointers, it’ll indeed add on to your safety! 


Be assured, and travel more & more! 

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