How to write extra-ordinary travel journal


Get your hands on writing an extra-ordinary Travel Journal.

Travel and writing come hand in hand when it's about writing what you have been seeing lately, we all somewhere down the line write a lot, but does your writing make an impact on your readers? Or how much of your writing was able to bring customers to you? Did you know that it is considered as one of the most powerful sales tools across the industry which can impact on your buyer’s mind and can help you win the battle against your competition? 

Good writing can help you in a lot of ways, here are some pointers that justify the relevancy of a good writing and if we come to a specific part where we are experts at, that is travel. And writing your own Travel journal can make you feel good, get clients, and helps you to get famous too. 


  • Good writing comes from within, it creates an impact on the reader's mind. 

  • Good writing brings in multiple clients for your business. 

  • It helps to generate that feeling of trust to your readers and they feel happy and informative. 

  • It helps you grow a lot in the long run.

  • It can make you famous or can make you win awards too. 

Now, you must be thinking that we all write but how to write in such a way that helps to fulfill what we have been seeking and create an impact on the reader's mind. So, here are 5 ways to write an extraordinary travel journal: 


  1. Forget everything and observe once you are on the ground: We get a lot of thoughts in our heads, don’t we? Well, once you are in Rome for a purpose, forget the purpose first and observe when the purpose is writing, the more you focus on the details of Rome, the more you will be able to explain it well while you write. Hence, the first rule is to observe and learn about a place first, do not think of results at the beginning.

  2. Keep noting the pointers: Well, we all have human brains, and it works on multiple chemical combinations that can make us learn as well as forget something. So, it is always good to write and make notes while you observe and click pictures, you know it always helps you to add more and more to your blog.

  3. Take good pictures: Well, people these days want some graphics and good graphics and while you write an amazing story about the history of the Colosseum, your readers might want to see what you were observing, so adding good pictures to your blogs is a perk and one should do it.

  4. Become a storyteller, and structure it: Well, we love moves, we love books and stories too, but we love a structure, no? So, whenever you write, start with a mission and end it on morale, we mean that structure your writing so well that your reader is always engaged in you and doesn’t go away while you’re still telling the story. 

  5. Do not just write a story, write your emotion on the paper: We know that we connect with things when we travel, for example I’ve a favorite memory and images in my head with the Triund Trek and I know the emotion but if I do not choose the right word or the excitement that tells my emotion to my readers, my writing is not worth it. Hence, it is not important to pen down information but it is really important to pen down your emotion and viewers love that. 

So, are you a writer already, share the links of your favorite piece in the comments section? 

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