KASHMIR – Heaven on Earth

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One early morning, lifting the dark misty viel of the night, from the pillow of the mountain peak, the sun rose and saw the valley is filled with lots of flower and a boat sailing in the lake with the green and white mountains covered around, trees, half sleep, half awake, rubbing it’s eyes with their branches, the trees watches the water flowing in wave after wave from the waterfalls protected in the mountains, sunflowers jasmine gardens, and a lake just beside it, white mountains, blue sky, a perfect weather, these lines below describe it very well: "Agar firdaus ba ruay zami ast, ami asto, ami asto, ami ast"

Best of Kashmir

These very famous Persian lines are dedicated to the heaven on earth, “Jammu & Kashmir” which is known for its beauty, the meaning of the Persian lines goes as: If there Is heaven on earth, It’s here, it’s here, yes it’s here! And this heaven is divided into three main parts: Jammu, Kashmir and Leh for which you’re going to explore the details in the blogs! Those mountains with snow covering it from the top, and the overcast weather adding beauty to the presence of nature, isn’t it a great place for a vacation?

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When you arrive there, you’ll realize what it is about! What experience we are asking you to imagine! So, people, hope you have seen a lot of bollywood songs showing mountains and lots of movies like Highway, mission Kashmir, Rock star, student of the year, Silsila, Kabhi kabhi, dilse, jab tak hai jaan, etc. All of these movies featured big star cast which were shot in heaven on earth i.e Kashmir.

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A perfect spot for those who are newly married to add some more romance and making a perfect memory for them after marriage , a lot of activities like shikara boat ride, skiing, paragliding, city walks, shopping, road expeditions. You’ve got each and every thing her to feel a satisfied vacation. And if you are getting married soon, dare to think about Florence, Paris or Prague, just think about India, think about heaven, think about Kashmir.

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