The best of travelling in states of India!


We decided to give every state a speciality of their own in our tailor made words! Let us hope if you guys like it. 


Andaman and Nicobar islands - The perfect blend of adventure and nature in its pristine form, swim to see the phosphorescent planktons.

Andhra Pradesh - The Place with forts, caves, hills and beaches-indeed a “Koh-I-Noor”!

Arunachal Pradesh- -The land of the dawn lit mountains offers you everything! Peace and fun! You name it, the state has it!

Assam -The dream destination for the nature lovers! Lush green valleys, blue sky and orchid gardens! Cruise on the Brahmaputra and of course, lots of tea!!

Bihar - As boundless as it seems! So it is, in its ethnicity and solace.

Chandigarh - Perfect blend of modernization with nature conservation has many sparks!

Chattisgarh -The place of 36-forts- has more than 36 varieties of things to offer you! Be ready to see the stunning waterfalls and majestic palaces!

Dadra and Nagar Haveli - This ‘Kashmir of west’ has crystal clear lakes which will surely allure you!

Daman and Diu - Extraordinary magical land of peace referred to as “isle de calm” has marvelous light house and nature in its best form!

Delhi - The “dil walo ki dilli” has an aura of itself! Visit world heritage sites or have fun at some other place and if you are a foodie-binge on the yummies

Goa -The shorter the name, more the fun! Goa is all about Portuguese forts, churches and what else? BEACH of course! And a lot of life!

Gujarat - Groove you body to the tunes of Garba and binge on the delicacies! Visit the palaces and the museums! Explore the beach and sanctuaries! Discover the vibrancy!

Haryana - The ‘Abode of God’- has religious places and lots of other stuff! The rowdy place has tasty cuisines and of course travel stuff.

Himachal Pradesh-  If you dream of adventure at a place full of nature Himachal is calling you! God created this place to amaze and surprise you with its distinct variety of everything.

Jammu and Kashmir - This paradise on earth will leave you spellbound with its magnificent beauty and nature entrails. The snow-capped mountains, the ravishing valleys, the crystal clear lakes or the shikaras! Think of heaven, think of Kashmir!

Jharkhand - The tribal land with the santhals doesn’t only have tribals but lot of bio diversity too! Rich in flora and fauna is a good place to visit.

Karnataka -The state with the nilgiris has rich culture, colors and traditions! The place with historical stories and a lot of wildlife to explore has the silicon valley of India in its capital.

Kerala - Regarded as “God’s own country”, this state has God’s artistic aura spread throughout! From beaches to the backwaters, to the exotic wildlife!

Lakshadweep - The coral islands are a gift to the nature lovers! If you enjoy lush green beauty with silver beaches and blue water! Rush for some adventure sports!

Madhya Pradesh -  The heart of India has a lot to offer in terms of ancient caves and monuments. Great for people looking out for some oldie-Goldie archeological sites.

Maharashtra - The bolly-land! Must visit state for delightful cuisines, expeditions and fun! Truly majestic and amazing! Filled up with loads of exploration, oranges and shopppping!

Manipur - Has nothing to do with ‘money’! But surely has ‘many’ jewels to be seen from its picturesque landscapes, shimmering waterfalls and meandering rivers to its rich culture and traditions!

Meghalaya -‘This abode of clouds’ doesn’t only wet itself with rains rather make you laden with tourist places, which boasts of numerable caves and hills and other nature spots!

Mizoram - The land of hills and lots of them! The state with exquisite handicrafts and deep gorges.

Nagaland -“Falcon capital of the world” boasts of nature along with skills in bamboo crafting. The tribals here will show you what adding colors to your life means!!

Odhisa - The land of temples and the mighty king Ashoka has exotic wildlife sanctuaries, meandering rivers and is laden with mangroves and rising plateaus which will keep your travelling passion high!

Pondicherry - Affectionately called ‘pondi’ will surely give your travelling soul a ‘cherry’! Coz it has everything to offer from museums to botanical gardens to beaches!

Punjab - The land of five rivers will give you more than five hundred type of experiences! From its rich battle legacy to forts and museums and gurudwaras! Try some Punjabi cuisine and you’ll surely do the ‘bhangra’!!

Rajasthan - This state will leave you spellbound with its ethnicity and colors! Contains marvelous forts and palaces, royalty in every stuff!

Sikkim - God endowed this place with lots of natural beauty to make you smile! When the sun rises and shines at you from behind the clouds, will leave you mesmerized! Unexplored Sikkim calling you!

Tamil Nadu - Loved the southies shown in the movies? Indeed this place offers you a lot of refreshment and solace with its range of temples and beaches.

Telangana - The newly carved out state doesn’t lack behind in offering you travelling experiences!

Tripura -The Host to three different types of ecosystems- Mountain, forest, fresh water and thus, has all the reasons to be the favorite of any nature lover!

Uttar Pradesh - a state where religions bound together to give you immense travel happiness! From the panoramic Taj mahal to the crowd magnetizing Kumbh mela! This place will surely leave you with variant travel amazement.

Uttarakhand - The lord’s land has some privileges too! God created it to be the nature lover’s favorite destination! Blessed with eco bio diversity, and loads of greenery and hills!

West Bengal - The land of sweets will leave you sweetened with its large variety of places to visit! From Howrah bridge to sundarbans. Bengal will leave you touched!

So what do you think? Drop it off in the comments! 


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