Things to do in Agra.


Agra- a name which as it is announced brings in taj mahal in our minds, at least for us Indians! And for the tourists as well. Taj mahal and Agra stand in close proximity.so as a person visiting Agra you should or I should say you MUST visit taj mahal and I am not glorifying it rather you yourself will feel its aura and splendor as you enter it and you are spellbound when you see the white marble beauty with all the grand structure and beautiful Quranic carvings done with hand Next into our list is the majestic red structure often called Agra fort. With its large expanding area and artistic finish. Inside its premises you can see the Jahangir mahal, Anguri bagh, Mehtab bagh, Mariam’s tomb with all its intricate carvings and the Khaas mahal built for shah jahan’s daughter by the great Mughal ruler. When it comes to monuments, seeing Agra is all welled up with those! The next must visit places are the Buland darwaza- the tomb of Akbar-the Great, the fatehpur sikri fort, Moti masjid and Humayun’s mosque. Apart from all the monuments visiting, another interesting thing is Sur sarovar bird sanctuary which has the magnificent Keetham Lake inside it. You can also visit the taj museum, Dayal bagh, Guru Ka Tal and Bageshwmath temple. Agra also has some really good shopping sprees such as sadar bazar and meena bazar. You can buy those famous marble and leather pieces or have some good food frolic at some good restaurant n food joints like the famous Amar Vilas and witness the beauty of taj from its bar terrace. If you wish to see the making of the symbol of love-the taj, you can watch the dance drama at kalakriti dance show. And if you wish to see how hope is reiterated you must visit the Sheroes’ café managed by the acid attack survivors.

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