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Have you ever heard about the line that ‘experience is the best teacher? The same applies to travel experience! Yes you read it right! I am here talking about travelling and the experience it brings along! When you pack your bags for your vacation and you miss out on something? Happened to you? The answer can be yes or no! But it has affected you minutely or in a big way sometimes! The point is to focus on the experience it gives you! You’ll never forget things again in your life while you travel next! Why I am telling you this stuff? To make you understand what exactly could be an experience! Now, isn’t it an achievement? Big or small! No matter what! When you travel to a place, may be an eco-friendly tourist spot, or any adventure place or sport, all these things will surely give you an experience, whether good or may be bad. You learn a lot of things! Another achievement! Whether you travel in a group, with your family, friends, work mates or some other travel group, you tend to go through a change, your body and mind adjusts accordingly and thus, you experience and achieve!! Now, the solo part! When you travel alone! You go through sudden haphazardness to the surprising feelings of management and fun! You adjust yourself according to the climatic factors, the culture and a lot other things, you win over your body’s comfort level and push your exertion levels and break your boundaries, one again, achievement! You can achieve tiny wars or pathways and build your mountain of achievements! And if you believe us, you can achieve this mountain quite easily through travelling!

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