Women travelers trending up!


As we all know the trend of feministic thoughts rising up, so is the trend of travelling alone! Ever watched the blockbuster movie “Queen”? The protagonist accurately depicts today’s modern women who are bucking up and following their hearts to conquer the world and explore its best things! Today’s women are not dependent on their male counterparts for taking them to a holiday. They plan their itineraries themselves, book their flights and hotels and take along their girly pack to a ravishing vacation! Now-a-days the women travelers not only visit places that have spectacular views, shopping destinations, food sprees rather they are opting for adventurous and thrilling places and sports to come out of their delicate moulds and to show the world that women are equally enthusiastic about travel and expedition. Then a question arises- “woMEN” or “WOMAN” traveler? These are two completely different experiences, to travel alone or to travel in a group! When you are in a group, you tend to mix and travel together but when you are alone, travelling solo you learn a lot more things! And being a woman is another aspect altogether, a whole world awaits you and your exploring skills to recreate its sensations through your tales. Go, visit the places and experience all the magical things and places through your eyes! We will be at your side in whatever you need us for, being your travel guide!

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